A Guide to the Top 7 Best Gardening Podcasts

A Guide to the Top 7 Best Gardening Podcasts

In the realm of gardening, expertise is essential for achieving success. Podcasts can help you become a better gardener, even if you’re a novice or have just lately realized you have a green thumb. We’ll look at the top 7 gardening podcasts.

A Guide to the Top 7 Best Gardening Podcasts

a list of the top 7 podcasts about gardening. These podcasts are all quite fascinating, yet they aren’t arranged in any certain order.

Gardening Podcasts To Follow

A round-up of seven of the best gardening podcasts. All these podcasts are particularly interesting, and they are listed in no particular order

A Guide to the Top 7 Best Gardening Podcasts

Epic Gardening Podcast

The Epic Gardening Podcast will help you develop your green thumb! Kevin has a podcast where he answers all of your questions about gardening every day. Kevin started Epic Gardening with the goal of providing every gardener with a daily dose of gardening knowledge in less than ten minutes. He has now assisted in teaching 10,000,000 individuals, wherever in the world they may reside, how to grow anything. Everything from plant care instructions to hydroponics to pest avoidance is covered—as long as it has to do with gardening.

A Guide to the Top 7 Best Gardening Podcasts

The Beginner’s Garden Podcast

Your go-to podcast for simple-to-understand tools, advice, and information to help novice gardeners get the most of any size gardening endeavor is The Beginner’s Garden Podcast. Jill McSheehy wants to help by offering useful knowledge and breaking down the gardening jargon along the way. Furthermore She gives her listeners the tools they need to start gardening this season off right!

A Guide to the Top 7 Best Gardening Podcasts

Skinny Jean Gardener Podcast

As the author of “How to Get Kids Gardening” and the host of The Skinny Jean Gardener, Lee Connely brings weekly content that fosters genuine family gardening memories to the Essex region of the United Kingdom (though it is free to listen to listeners in other areas). The Skinny Jean Gardener Podcast is a Sunday Times top 5 gardening podcast with 150,000 monthly listeners, and its hosts speak with a variety of gardeners, from teachers and novices eager to get their hands dirty to Monty Don and Alan Titchmarsh.

A Guide to the Top 7 Best Gardening Podcasts

Gardening With the RHS Podcast

To enhance your gardening experience, the RHS podcasts are readily available. Each week’s program features engaging discussions with RHS experts, garden designers, scientists, growers, and many more, all aimed at inspiring Britain to grow. Although In the RHS Gardening podcast, you’ll find valuable seasonal guidance, creative ideas, and practical solutions for common gardening issues. Furthermore, to optimize the potential of your garden, reliable gardening experts share the latest horticultural guidance, scientific research, and tried-and-true practices.

A Guide to the Top 7 Best Gardening Podcasts

My Garden Podcast

Real gardening enthusiasts who are on-the-go should listen to My Garden Podcast. Additionally, take in over thirty episodes of amusing conversation as Penny Haslam tackles issues such as ungrowing veggies, dying sunflowers, and an unruly pet dog named Joey. Penny Haslam records this gardening podcast in her home garden in Cheshire, England.

A Guide to the Top 7 Best Gardening Podcasts

All The Dirt Gardening, Sustainability, and Food Podcast

Steve Wood and Deryn Thorpe co-host a gardening podcast called All the Dirt Podcast every two weeks. In this engaging podcast, they delve into the fascinating world of plants, healthful food, and the intricate connections between sustainability and these topics— as the title might imply. Furthermore, for gardening aficionados eagerly anticipating this event, the inspired hosts deliver a long-awaited experience. If you’re interested, you can visit All The Dirt Gardening, Sustainability, and Food to listen to their podcast.

A Guide to the Top 7 Best Gardening Podcasts

 Gardeners’ Corner

This podcast, which is produced by BBC Radio Ulster and is hosted by David Maxwell and Cherrie McIlwaine, is endearing. Moreover, talking about the weather, David engages his panel and the call-in guests in conversation. It’s as though you get to know the individuals involved. Although the show spends a lot of time answering questions, it does include excellent material on both edible and ornamental gardening, as well as occasionally noteworthy guests.

A Guide to the Top 7 Best Gardening Podcasts


How do you interview a gardener?

Create a list of questions in advance, covering topics such as their gardening origin, favorite aspects of their garden, and its evolution over time. Make sure to ask your interviewee ten or more questions.

Why do I need a gardener?

If you’re not a professional gardener, you might be unaware of the ideal pH level, soil type, or water requirements for your grass. However, understanding these key factors is crucial for maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn..
Furthermore, a knowledgeable gardener can transform a plant, offering wise counsel, and pinpointing the cause of persistent issues. Additionally, their expertise extends beyond basic care, providing valuable insights for cultivating a thriving garden.

What makes you a good gardener?

Whatever their area of passion within the garden, all successful gardeners have a strong sense of passion for it. While some gardeners are passionate about flowers themselves, others just love the act of gardening. As a home gardener, pursue your interest in whatever it is that you are enthusiastic about.


This podcast, transcends the typical bounds of gardening advice, offering insights and expertise that delve deeper into the world of horticulture. Although It develops into a close friendship as the companion shares in the pleasures of the garden.

Additionally, the podcast seamlessly weaves together informative content, fostering a sense of community and creating a multifaceted experience for its listeners.

Here, newbies make friends, exchange tales, and draw inspiration from the progress of other inexperienced gardeners.

Let the ‘Beginners Garden Podcast’ be your reliable guide as you embark on your gardening journey. This podcast will assist you in transforming each obstacle into a chance for personal development. Cheers to the voyage, development, and verdant discoveries ahead. Moreover, cheers to the happy garden!



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