Khalid Al Ameri Net Worth 2024: Bio, Wiki, Career, Wife Salama

Khalid Al Ameri, the Emirati YouTuber, has taken the digital world by storm. His engaging videos, heartwarming family moments, and relatable content have earned him millions of followers. But what about Khalid Al Ameri net worth? Let’s dive into Khalid’s fascinating journey and explore the numbers behind his success.

Khalid Al Ameri 2024: Bio, Wiki, Career, Wife

Early Life and Background

Khalid Al Ameri was born on December 5, 1983, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. His unique background reflects his mixed ethnicity – an Emirati father and a Scottish mother. Growing up, Khalid faced challenges due to his dual heritage, but he embraced it with grace.

The Rise of Khalid Al Ameri

Khalid’s breakthrough came with his viral video series, “Khalid the Ramadhan Show.” His relatable storytelling and genuine interactions with his wife, Salama, and their two kids captured hearts worldwide. Soon, he became a household name, not just in the UAE but across social media platforms.

The Business Side

Beyond vlogging, Khalid is a savvy entrepreneur. Khalid Al Ameri Net Worth, estimated between $1 million and $5 million, reflects his diverse income streams. Let’s break it down:

  1. YouTube: Khalid earns over $300,000 annually from his YouTube channel. His engaging content keeps viewers coming back for more.
  2. Facebook and Instagram: Khalid’s massive following on these platforms translates into ad revenue and brand endorsements. His relatability makes him an ideal influencer.
  3. TikTok: Khalid’s short, entertaining videos contribute to his overall net worth. Brands recognize his influence and collaborate with him.

Khalid’s Family: Love, Culture, and Resilience

Khalid Al Ameri’s journey isn’t just about fame and fortune; it’s about family. Here’s a glimpse into his personal life:

1. Salama, His Beloved Wife

Khalid met Salama while working in Dubai. Their love story transcends borders – he was born in the UAE to an Emirati father and a Scottish mother, while Salama’s roots are deeply intertwined with his. They fell in love, got married, and welcomed two beautiful angels into their lives: Khalifa and Abdullah.

2. Salama’s Encouragement and Their Bond

Salama played a pivotal role in Khalid’s journey. When he felt unfulfilled in his job, she encouraged him to explore his passion for media. She even bought him his first camera, believing in his potential. Together, they made videos – not just for their audience but as lessons to themselves. These videos chronicled their hardships and how they emerged stronger from them. Their marriage transformed, prioritizing love over external pressures.

3. Challenges and Strength

Salama, diagnosed with Vitiligo, faces her own struggles. Their son is autistic, adding another layer of challenges. Yet, their bond grows stronger with every video they create. Khalid once shared: “What people might not know is that the videos we made together were pretty much lessons to ourselves as well.” Their authenticity and resilience shine through, inspiring viewers worldwide.


Khalid Al Ameri’s net worth isn’t just about dollars; it’s about the impact he’s made. From a mixed-heritage kid to a global influencer, Khalid’s journey inspires us all. So, next time you watch one of his videos, remember the story behind the smiles – a story of love, culture, and success.

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